Lf snowshoe or frozen heart with AS Start have snowdrift victory rush and and more

I have several items to trade including a snow drift victory rush with area effect damage and several other similar relics. I’ve also got several shields, like front loaders with moze anoints and stop gaps with AS Start, some consecutive hits kenetic light shows, and a random assortment of plaguebearers, scorges and other rockets.

Any other requests, just lemme know and I’ll see what I have.

I’ve got a snowshoe with ASS Start. Do you have a rad old god with ASS, 50% Rad on ASE, or the 75% shield moze anoint?

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Darn. I rarely go to that dlc. I’ll check my shields. I think I have a rad old God but don’t remember the anoint

I may have a frozen heart with ASS effects, in the meantime do you have on you a snowdrift otto idol?

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Humm. It’s 57, but checks the other boxes. If the lower shield capacity isn’t good, I understand. :slight_smile:

I’ve got this one? It’s not amazing but it gets the job done and has 20% movement speed.

That should do, i’ll be online later in the evening.

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Cool is your username the same as your name here?

@maxageddon - I’d still be interested in the snowshoe if that’s something youre interested in.

The snowshoe is yours. I’ll pass on the shield since it’s a 57. Do you have any splash weapons with the Urad anoint?

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I’ll send that shield over regardless. My PSN is GuyIncognito84

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I guess these? Lol

I’ll pass, but the shield is yours if you want it. I have it on me when you are ready

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Gone are the days of enjoying the OPq lol.

Uh sure I’d love to get hold of the shild either way. Will send a request shortly.

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Sent! Enjoy.

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@I_AM_ERROR_X sent :slight_smile: