LF>SNTL Anarchy’s all elements

I have much to offer including weps,shields, grenade mods,artifacts and class mods

Got a Shock Anarchy SNTL 100 here. REALLY need a Shock/Fire/Corro/Rad Monarch (x8) with Lifesteal! PSN: bigpurp70

I got a couple sntl anarchys looking for urad snipers/rpgs ie skullsmasher etc

Add me : MLFGC

I have a couple monarchs life leech as well

Wait… is it x20?

Anything else you looking for?

No. X13

If it’s a must just put it in the title

I have a x18 fire anarchy with sntl cryo,
Any chance you have a cryo old God with sntl movespeed/seein dead com with +4/+5 Donnybrook AS dmg wep dmg?