LF SNTL Annoints and Executor with good stats-Trade List included

hey, as title states lookign for SNTL cryo annoints for Zane and a really nice executor. Looking for Mag size/DMG/AR DMG/CRYO dmg, good stats for that build. trade list is posted below. MSG me on xbox gamertag TokenLivesMattr

Westergun-Projectiles and brainstormr for terror I got some stnl for ya gt out add thx I’m on now

hey whats ur gamertag? il be available in like ten mins


Heading out in 5mins if not tomorrow

hey yeah, sorry was trading with another player for hte last half hour or so, msg me on xbox tomorrow and we’ll work out some trades gamertag TokenLivesMattr

I have these if your interested ?

I actually just acquired very similiar items, currently im now looking for good shields like annointed big boom blasters, SNTL maggie/cutsman/crossroads/night hawkin. TYVM for the offer though

I have this shield and a fire Crossroads with sntnl 50% cryo ?

I am very interested in your fire crossroads with the sntl cryo. which item did you want? and msg me on XBOX im on a for a little bit longer tonite gamer tag TokenLivesMattr

Sent you a message on Xbox

Is there anything else you’d be interested in? You have a couple items that would finally finish out my Fl4k build but I don’t have the Zane items you need unfortunately and after I saw you post yesterday I farmed for them last night but RNG hasn’t been kind.

For rough rider with digiclone 3% ?

I am interested in the brawler ward for phaseslam. I will see what I have for the guns listed that you are looking for when I get home from work. GT Spiceebacon

I’ve got a Flakker with a SNTL anointment.

Also needing some sntnl anointed guns lmk if you can help me

Just messaged you on xbox , gt’s Orbilol.

I’m sure I also have some mods in my bank somewhere. Hit me back if you wanna trade, im interested in some of your gear.

I think I have a “Re-charger” shield with SNTL active increased movement speed and a decent Executor com if you’re interested. I’ll check stats when I get home and pm you. I really like the ASE 100% dmg Maggie and ASE 125% dmg to badass / named and boss Lucians Call (cryo)