LF SNTL cryo annointed redistributors

Because I’ll be damned if I can get any to drop…

I don’t have tons to trade, but let me know and I’ll see what I’ve got. Mostly Moze and Zane stuff.

I have the shock one at 53. Do you have the radiation one or Maggie with sntnl cryo?

Sadly not… damn. I have a rad crossroads with that anoint? My Maggie is awful…

I have a non-elemental one with sntnl cryo anoint if you want that?

only element+Sntnl Find it.

Just found a shock one. + sntnl 100% cryo. Do you have a redistributor with sntnl cryo anoint?

PSN down for maintenance. I’ll add when I can.

Please add a friend when you feel comfortable.

I can help you with the redistributor, do you have seein dead mod?

i have a maggie with sntl cryo; add and msg me about it lgrg90

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I do.

No results when looking for lgrg90
Maybe your settings are private? My PSN is the same as name here.

I can help all yall with all those items.

Add me PSN: JayBowdy and send the message of which item.

Rad Redis +100 cryo
Seein Dead +4 Donny/+1 PD - Weap/SMG/Heavy dmg
Hyperfocus(kinetic) +100 Cryo
Maggie +100 cryo

(I won’t be on until tonight 730ish pm Central)

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Looks like something is wrong with PSN cause can’t find you either. Status page shows everything is ok right now, weird.

ok i’ll add you when i jump on tonight

I have a maggie with SNTNL annointment and willing to trade

Do you still have the seeing dead? Not sure what you’d want in return

Add me and send a msg of what you want.

Will do. Appreciated!