LF SNTL cryo handouts on PS4

I don’t have much to trade currently, I’m just looking to easily get at least one character re-geared from the level cap increase and am not a fan of farming at all, although I will be more than happy to keep my eye out for certain items, as I play, to return the favor.

Was hoping someone would be kind enough to donate any copies of decent Zane gears: Maggie, Redistributer, Lucians, Brainstormer, Dictator, Band of Sitorak etc. Anything with Cryo on SNTL or Barrier annoints.

I will gladly return the love after I play a bit in the future. Think of me as an investment on your future gears. I play a LOT, I just don’t enjoy farming :heart_eyes_cat:.


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I got Maggies and Redistributors

I got taken care of friend, thanks!

I now have an extra Rad Redistributer (Sntl Cryo) and Redundant Brainstormer (Sntl Cryo). Do you need either?

I’m currently searching for a rad/corrosive recursion with SNTNL anointment

Thanks for the offers though.

I’ll certainly keep my eyes out for you. I find Recursion frequently in SS. Thanks again.

I have a L53 Standardised Carrier SNTNL 100% Cryo I’d be happy to swap for the Rad Redistributor Cryo.

I was actually just farming for one of those. You have yourself a deal

PSN: SubliminalTTK

do you still have the extra rad redistributor?
i got a rad dictator with stnl and a bekah with stnl

FR Sent, I’ll check my bank to see what Recursions I may have.

Got it thanks, didnt need the com as I have a +4 in Donnybrook on atm :wink:

On reflection that is a nice com thank you very much. :sunglasses:

I sure do, I’d be interested in that Bekah, is it level 53? Either way I’ll be back on tomorrow and send you the Rad Red.

Im like 99% sure it is i think i farmed it like 2 days after broken hearts launched and thanks!

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it is and when you accept the request ill send

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Radiation Redistributer w Sntl Cryo sent!

sent the bekah

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