LF SNTl or digi anointed Brainstormer

I have a ton to trade just ask

Hello I have the brainstormer with sntl annointment, do you have any annointed redistributers or kybs worth’s

I have keybos

Gt : AZZBlood4Fun I’m on now

Ok so if your interested let me know

I am interested I’m at work right now and I don’t know if I will be on this evening at all but add me Gt is Ye olde wolf. I will send as soon as I get a chance. Out of curiosity what annointment does the kybs have?

I’ll look I appreciate it man

Sadly consecutive hits I’ll send it to ya but it is x2

Anything else you need ? Any other SNTl or digi anointment like cutsmans , kings queens calls , lucians , rowans , or any other solid weapons … ? I really appreciate im having a hard time finding all the gear

I’ve been looking for cutsmans with the sntl annointment for so long now

The only other sntl annointment weapon I have is the Maggie if your interested

I wouldn’t mind I sent you some stuff what else are looking for ?

Redistributers and big boom blasters are all I can think of at the moment

I may have them I’ll look

Much appreciated man, I will send you stuff as soon as I get a chance, I have cash infused brainstormer and redundant so I will send both along with the maggie. Would you like a it’s piss grenade with on thrown do dmg annointment thrown in as well

Ya if you don’t mind

Ty bro I appreciate

Just sent the Maggie, brainstormer and it’s piss grenade