LF Sntnl Anointed Cutsman

Have tons to trade just lmk what youre looking for


Hey bud I have all 3 elements with the sntl annoint, any chance you have gamma burst variants?

I think I have corrosive in gamma burst unless I traded my only one which I might have.

How about rowans calls, lucians calls or dictators with gamma burst

I have a rad dictator with gamma anointment

Think I got a craps with gamma burst as well

Those would be sweet man did you need cutsmans in all three elements?

Yeah all three, you want to do those for the dictator, the cutsman, and the craps?

Sounds good I will send over as soon as I get a chance

Just sent over a corrosive and fire, i will send over the shock later today after work

Hey bud, sorry I don’t need the corrosive cutsman with gamma burst, that’s the only one I have.

I got a bunch more gamma burst stuff I got a recursion with gamma if you want it its shock and corrosive

I have a bunch of recursions that I never use bud I will pass. I can just grab the dictator and the craps for now, unless you have any annointed stop gaps or big boom blasters. I will send you the shock cutsman later today.

I got a sntnl anointed stop gap, a terror anointed stop gap and and ase shock big boom blaster

Is the terror stop gap a ammo regen annoint by any chance

Yes it is

Would you mind throwing that in, I’ve been looking for one for a while now

Np might be tomorrow before I get on to send it but Ive sent the other stuff already

Yea np, thanks bud. you should have the shock cutsman when you get back on