LF sntnl anointed cutsmans

I have to trade a lot of items for ricochet Amara, rakk attack fl4k, and I have sntnl anointed Maggie and redistributor in all elements. Or tell me what u need I have a lot of 100 ASE weapons and some good artifact

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Do you have any shock hex (any prefix) that deals 50% additional incendiary damage?

Dictator x6 w ase dmg or rakk attack, tsunami ase 100%, juju w ase 100% , dastardly lucky 7 w ase 100% or sntnl or a scourge w digi clone swap?

Sorry I don t have any of those

I have all three

What do u need? My psn gimn123

I have the shock hex. What sort of non Jacobs R4Kk P4Kks do you have?

Got any good Zane gear besides what you mentioned

I ll check when I get home. I m sure I have a 130 digiclone shock cutsman but I can t remember anything else. I Don t have much BTW since I finished leveling Zane yesterday and I almost played fl4k and Amara all the time. I have complete anointed build for them if u interested. Ricochet Amara with x2 recursion, 100 ASE all cutsman 100 ASE 200 phase cast and 300 phaseslam, 50 shock and corrosive transformer ASE. Rakk attack fl4k with 100 ASE or 100 rakk Maggie, 100 ASE bekah 100 ASE shock rowans call, corrosive lucians call with 2 mag 50 corrosive. Then I have 100 ASE fire crossroad 100 ASE flakker, 100 ASE dp alchemist, tediore homing shotguns, lvl1 stop gap, fire lump 125 splash damage and some decent artifact like Ele projector and last syand otto idol, cutpurse deathless and loaded dice with decent perks. That’s the best I can offer sorry. I add more Zane weapons if I find some when I return home

I will trade you 3 sntnl cutsmans (shock, fire,corrosive) for your 300% phaseslam cutsmans if you have all three?

Ok. I have all three. Add me on psn Gimn123. I ll be online later and send u