LF Sntnl Anointed Maggie, Brainstormer and Dictator

Have tons to trade let me know what you’re looking for

Hey man I have both the Maggie and the brainstormer with the annointment while sntl is active do cryo. I’m looking for gamma burst versions of both of these guns as well as annointed its piss grenades.

I have the gamma burst versions of these, I wont be on till tomorrow morning due to work my GT is Super Kami Nero feel free to add me and hit me up when Im on or drop you tag and Ill mail them to you when I get home tomorrow morning.

Sounds good man. No rush as I’m not too sure when I will be able to get either. Will send as soon as I get a chance though

Ok bud whats your GT?

Ye olde wolf

Sent via in game mail.

Hey man just sent over that stuff for ya. Sorry it took so long.

Thanks its all good man

Would you happen to have a kybs worth annointed for ase elemental damage, gamma burst 65%, rakk attack 100% or any Zane annointment or a incendiary with 125%splash damage on ase.

No sorry