LF sntnl band of sitorak

As topic says I m looking for sntnl anointed band of sitorak. Better if it has health prefix. Tell me what u want in return. I have lots of items for Amara fl4k and zane

I have a SNTNL band of sitorak. Do you have a SNTNL carrier? Or a x6 dictator with SNTNL?

I have sntnl carrier. Add me psn gimn123

Sorry I just traded it. Is there anything else you’re looking for in exchange for that carrier?

I will send you the shield in a few minutes

U have sntnl brainstormer? Or a really good seein dead class mod?

let me check please

I mean for the carrier. BTW ice t if u need anything just let me know.

I just want the carrier, I’m going to send it to edward.claxton5 . I have the shield & brainstormer coming your way. Sorry to step on your trade

It s perfect thx very much. You re welcome

So I send u the carrier right?


Ok I m sending in a min. Let me just load the game

No problem, shield & brainstormer are waiting in your mail

Tell me pls your psn because I have 2 ice
Edit. I ll see it in the mail

Sent the carrier

Thank you and again, sorry for stepping on your trade

I’d like that carrier I have some top tier Zane stuff. Add me same name.

I have a carrier for trade