LF SNTNL cryo anointed Maggie

Have digi clone swap 130 Maggie, SNTNL cryo Bekah, Cryo Recurring Hex with 50% corrosion on action skill end, and other things.

Epic: Gibbetterinterne

I have the Maggie anointed +50% cryo damage. What do you have for trade?

Maggie with 130 clone swap
Maggie with gamma burst 65% Rad
Monocle with ASE Cryo/SNTNL Cryo
Hellshock with either ASE 100% dmg or ASE 125% dmg to badass
Headsplosion with SNTNL Cryo/gamma burst 65% Rad/phasecast 250/ASE splash damage
Cryo Crossroads with high airborne accuracy
Shock Cutsman with clone active ammo regen
Fire Cutsman with terror ammo regen
EM-P5 with ASE next 2 mag rad
Bekah with SNTNL Cryo
Cryo Recurring Hex with ASE Corrosion
Snowdrift purple with 40% mag size, electrocute chance, max shields
Snowdrift Victory Rush with action skill cd, movespeed and fire resist
Ice Breaker White Elephant with melee dmg and cryo dmg
Brainstormer with ASE incendiary next 2 mag or sliding damage or gamma burst rad
Corrosion+Rad projectile recursion with SNTNL cryo
x2 killowisp with phasecast 250

I see you also have a face puncher with self apply terror, could I have that too?

I will trade you the Maggie and the Facepuncher for these:

EM-P5 with ASE next 2 mag rad
Bekah with SNTNL Cryo

Does that work for you?

Yep! You can add me on epic Gibbetterinterne

I added you.

Stuff sent! I found another bekah with different scopes so I sent it too.

Perfect, thank you!

Hi could you send me your stuff today?

I sent them in the mail. So sorry that took so long.

Thank you :slight_smile: It’s all good.