LF SNTNL Cryo Gatling Gun and other Jakobs weps

Billy has not been nice and has not dropped this for me for the past 4 weeks , i am looking to swap one of my SNTNL cryo weapons in my bank for this and other Jakobs weps with said annointment (Also looking for the sickle and faisor).
SNTNL weps currently in the bank:
Rad Devil’s Foursum
Fire Linoge
Non-elemental Moonfire
Rad Echo
Pestilance - claimed
Thunderball fists
Fire/Corrosive Destructo Spinner
Cryo DP lasersploder - pending
Non elemental Cheap Tips
Non elemental Boring Gun
Shock Slowhand -claimed
Non elemental Flakker
Nukem - claimed
Ruby’s Wraith

Is your flakker radiation? I’m looking for one

Sorry, its kinetic

No worries

I have Gatling Gun w/ sntnl 100 cryo.
I wanna get nukem sntnl if you still have.

I’ll get this done by the end of the day

I have a Maggie, unforgiven, companion, wagon wheel…all in sntnl cryo. If you want them, they’re yours. PSN RMANCL

Got a cryo lucian’s and shock rowans, both SNTNL, interested in your SNTNL pestilence and cryo dp lasersploder. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Thanks for helping out @tjspjh1 @emilyrickreece

Thanks a lot