LF Some 65 Class Mods (now that the level cap might stay consistent for the foreseeable future)

I’ve been able to get a fair few weapons since the level increase, but not many decent class mods. If you’d want some gear for a trade I can send some info on what I have upon request. I know these are specific and probably pretty rare so I’m more than willing to trade my ample supply of guns and stuff.
If you’d rather message me on PSN: Zethren527

I’m looking for…

Weapon Damage, AS Cooldown ( something non-manufacturer specific, or maybe Vladof Damage?)
Bonuses to: Anima, Conflux
-Spiritual Diver (gotta appreciate that Transformer and Electricity Element synergy)
AS Cooldown, Reload Speed, Damage (non-manufacturer specific if possible)
Bonuses to: Helping Hands, Mindfulness
-Stone (Kinda curious about it and wanna try it out?)
Bonuses to: Do Harm, Violent Tapestry

-Bounty Hunter
Weapon Damage, Weapon Critical Damage
Bonuses to: Frenzy, The Most Dangerous Game
-R4kk P4k (Kinda just wanna check it out

Weapon Damage, Magazine Size, Reload Speed (or just non-manufacturer specific augments)
Bonuses to: Phalanx Doctrine, Desperate Measures
(non-manufacturer specific augments. Not sure what the restrictions on this one is, but of possible Mag size and reload speed)
Bonuses to: The Iron Bank
-Mind Sweeper
Splash Damage
Bonuses to: Redistribution (maybe also FitSD)

-Seein’ Dead (mostly just wanna bring my current lvl 60 to a 65)
Damage, Pistol Damage (Vladof Weapon Damage maybe?)
Bonuses to: Donnybrook, Violent Violence

Here’s my list of class mods if any interest you - nothing other than the peregrine is 65 though, and a couple are probably 57.

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Honestly, the a few sound pretty great even if they aren’t 65, but I’m kinda thinking I should wait to find level 65 mods before asking you to part with yours. Others might get more use out of them than I would at this point.
What would you be interested in for trade? I’ve got a fair few 65 M10 guns in my stash at this point. I suspect there is something you might want if you want to inquire about what I have.

-God-Butcher Bounty Hunter (65)

-Primordial Spectral Phasezerker (57)
-Meditative Spiritual Diver (57)

-Raging Bear (60)
-Sapper (57)

-Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead (57)

There’s a new phasezerker in the folder just so you know, might interest you.

I’m after ASE splash backburners and plaguebearers, 300/90 or ASE splash ion cannon and major Kong, x25 CH stagecoach, elemental ASE CMTs, old gods with matching ASEs, x14 300/90 facepuncher, x7 refluxes with ASE cryo/shock/urad or x14 with urad/CH, masher clairvoyances with decent anoints, complex roots with CH, ASS frozen heart and messy breakup. Good class mods are always a plus too. There’s probably other things I’d be interested too but I can’t think of them off the top of my head

Sorry for the late response. I haven’t run across many rocket launchers, but I have a few Face-Punchers.
-x14 ASE +125% badass/named/boss
-x14 ASE 2mags 100% rad
x7 ASE melee +100%
x7 ASE +100% damage

I do have a fair few shields (mostly Transformer) and class mods, but not many mods that are specialized. To name a few…
-Seein’ Dead (lv.60)
Crit damage, AS damage, SMG damage -AND- Reload, Pistol damage, Tediore reload -AND- Splash damage, AS cooldown, AS damage
-Seein’ Dead (lv.65)
Weapon damage, Jakobs Crit damage, Tediore Acurracy,

-Breaker (lv.65)
AS Damage, Shock Resist
-Breaker (lv.60)
Grenade Radius, Shock Resist, Shotgun damage
-Nimbus (lv.60)
Torgue Reload, Dhal damage, SMG damage

-Commander (lv.65)
Splash damage, Torgue Accuracy, Weapon Accuracy
-Red Fang (lv.65)
AR damage, Health regen, Charge Speed

-Rocketeer (lv.65)
Dhal Reload, Shield Delay, Corrosive Resist
-Mind Sweeper (lv.65)
Splash damage, Vladof Accuracy, Grenade damage
-Sapper (lv.61)
Damage Reduction, Grenade damage, Grenade Radius

I have a fair few Thorns, Light Shows, Kill-O’-Wisps, etc. to name a few. Really not sure how I haven’t managed to get more launchers.