LF Some annointeds and other goodies

Anointed Hostile (fire) and auditing (cryo) butcher with ASE% damage
Anointed Handsome Jackhammer (Shock)
Rain Firestorm
Elemental Projector Deathless

I have a wide variety of anointed gear for all classes and some god rolled class mods just let me know what you want.

Looking for an annointed nighthawkin for gunner

Unfortunately I only have Sntnl and Gamma Burst anointed Night Hawkin

Hey man, i have the rain firestorms, have a lobbed and longbow, you can have both. I have a 3rd that has longbow, rain and singularity.

Have any of these? (I made a post for other stuff im after)

Cold warrior class mod - + 25% weapon dmg

Maggie - + annointed with + dmg on digiclone swap

Bounty Hunter class mod - + 25% weapon damage (im pushing it, maybe Vladof dmg too - not necessary though)

Snow drift artifact - + Mag size and + pistol/assault/sniper dmg
With + Mag size and with Victory Rush

Face puncher - + 300% melee on phaseslam

I have a bounty hunter mod with +25% damage, I have 2 snowdrifts ones a deathless Ill check the bonuses when I get home

Might have the cold warrior but I need to check.

Too easy, let me know whenever

The bounty hunter I have has 25% damage 33%weapon handling and 45% jakobs crit damage, and the snowdrift otto idol has corr and shock res and max health and snowdrift deathless has 16 cryo damage cryo res and exp gain

Just the bounty hunter mod is fine man!

Whats your GT? Ill mail it to you when I get back on.

B3Netration :slight_smile:

Alright youre added GT is Super Kami Nero if I dont get back on before work Ill mail in in the morning when I get off.

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