LF some Fl4k/Zane stuff

I’m a little burned out for farming over and over again. Does someone have an extra of the following items to spare?
I’m looking for the following (level 50):

  • Transformer shield with ASE
  • Pestilience pistol with gamma burst annointment

I know the following are a bit too much to ask for but I’m going to try :smile:

  • Mirv tacular hex with ASE
  • Maggie with gamma burst or ASE or SNTNL
  • cryo Redistributor with cryo ASE/SNTNL or radiation Redistributor with gammaburst
  • cryo Kybsworth with cryo ASE/SNTNL or radiation Kybsworth with gammaburst

Want to try a radiation or cryo Fl4k. After that maybe start a Zane playthrough.

I have the following to spare:
Cash infused brainstormer – damaged by rakk attack 100% increased damage

Cash infused brainstormer – on ASE 125% to BA and named enemies

Speedloadn hellwalker - damaged by rakk attack 100% increased damage

Arctic reflex hawkin – sntnl active 100% cryo damage

Arctic reflex hawkin – gamma burst 115% radiation damage

Rowans call - on ASE 125% to BA and named enemies

Dastardly Maggie – after rakk attack, 50% crit damage

Unforgiven with gamma burst

GT: BliZ7ard

Got my shield and pistols from a nice fellow vault hunter.
Thanks stranger! What a great community!

I have a corrosive ASE transformer, SNTNL Maggie, corrosive/fire Kybsworth with 50% cryo on next 2 mags, barrier Maggie, barrier Bekah, cryo SNTNL Redistributor, SNTNL Gatlin’ Gun, and a SNTNL Monocle if you’re interested in any of that.

Which transformers are you still in need of? I’ve got a decent selection of gamma burst gear as well as barrier and sntl anoint gear as well. My gt is Ye olde wolf if you want to add me. I can send some gear your way as I’m able too.