LF some gear, list of stuff I have included

I’m looking for

-crossroad (corrosive)
-Atom balm otto idol/victory rush
-snowdrift victory rush



-reflexive Vanquisher (A)(B) attack command

-reflexive Vanquisher (A)(S) phase cast status effect

-relentless Vanquisher (A)(B) gamma burst damage

-cryo night hawkin

-super charged ten gallon (A)(B) (shock)(103% damage) fade away accuracy and handling

-cutsman (shock)

-cutsman (A)(shock) ASE increased shock damage


-searing relentless kaos (A)(O)(fire) barrier status effect

-shrinking lasersploder cryo

-high capacity warlord (A)(B) gamma burst damage

-otchky damned (A) ASE 100% damage

-breath of the dying (A)(corrosive) ASE bonus corrosive damage

-rowans call (shock)


-kill o the wisp (A)(B)(shock) rakk increased damage

-kill o the wisp

-trevonator (corrosive/cryo, shock/rad, corrosive/fire)

-deep dive face puncher

-brainstormer (shock)

-recursion (fire/cryo)

-shrinking boring fun (cryo)


-ASMD (shock)

-lyuda (rad, cryo, non-ele)


-breeder (A) ASE bonus corrosive damage


-Jericho (A) ASE increased damage

-annexed Jericho

-hive (A)(B)(corrosive) rakk increased damage

-hive corrosive


-power siphon transfusion frag grenade (corrosive)

-hex (shock)


-red queen

-fastball (corrosive)

-quasar (shock)

-transfusion frag (rad)

-mirv widowmaker (cryo)


-front loader (A)(B) +1 to rakk

-re-charger (A) ASE 5% health regen

-back ham (A) ASE cooldown

-recharger (A) ASE cooldown

-stop gap (2)

-red suit

-rough rider



-Fl4k (friend bot, rakk commander, deadeye, bounty hunter, red fang, comic stalker) multiple


-elemental projector victory rush


-toxic revenger Otto idol

-spark plug launch pad

-electric slide white elephant

-elemental projector loaded dice

I’ve got a fire lyuda is gladly trade you for you’re fire rowan’s call. My psn tag is slynesh send me a friend add and message and we can trade :slight_smile:

I have recurring hex rad anointed. Will trade for your handsome jack (shock). Psn: wagsssgaw

Can i see your 2 ice breaker artefact otto and victory i have the artefact you l9oking for

You have the victory rush too?

I have a Snowdrift Otto Idol id you are still looking for it. Would trade for the Radiation Rowan’s Call

What’s your psn name?

PSN is AznSenseisian21

Hello,I’m looking for a shotgun/gun damage and crit damage deadeye mod. If this is what you have please refer to my lf post for the legs I have willing to trade.