Lf some good fl4k gear. Have really good artifact roles to trade

Got a bunch of artifact drops today. Looking for some weapons. If anyone wants to trade.

I have a few Flak items I could trade. I play Gammavore Flak so I keep most GB anointed items but I have several Rakk attack anointeds.

Let me know If you want Rakk anoints, I can provide a list of available items.


Same, I have a lot of good FL4K gear such as a dictator X6 gamma burst, cloning hunter seeker ASE 50% to trigger bounty hunter stacks and get your action skill back via head count, Wedding invitations for Rakk attack, etc. What would you want and what is your GT?


That Hunter seeker!! JackBurtonKI309
What are u looking for?

Yessir, I go back n forth from fade away to rakk attack. My tag is JackBurtonKI309

List below of Items I’d trade (53 unless otherwise noted), anointment in brackets:

The Flood [50% Crit Rakk]
Q System [100% Dmg Rakk]
Try Bolt [50% Crit Rakk] non-elemental
Sledge’s Shotgun [100% Dmg Rakk]
Dastardly Bowie Ranger Masher [100 % Dmg Rakk]
Maggie [ASE 100% Dmg]
Westergun [100 % Dmg Rakk] shock/fire
Star Helix [100% Dmg Rakk] non-elemental
Flakker [ASE 2Mags - corrosive OR fire]
Lyuda [Extra Charge RA] non-elemental

Any of the The above I’d happily trade for a good artifact.

In addition I have a Tsunami with the 100% Rakk anoint. I want a Tsunami with the GB 115 anoint for that;

and a Wedding Invitation with the 50% Rakk Critical anoint. For that I’d want a Wedding Invitation with either the SNTNL 100 Cryo anoint or the 250 after Phasecast anoint.

What kind of artifact u looking for?

I’m looking for artifacts with good affixes - wouldn’t mind lvl 50 with the right affixes. I’m not hugely picky about which affixes, so I’ll just list a bunch of affixes I’d consider “good.”

Any of the following:

Ice Breaker Victory Rush - Cooldown rate and any 2 DPS-improving affixes for Zane (e.g. Cryo Dmg, mag size, SMG Dmg, reload speed, etc.)

Last Stand Victory Rush - with good affixes for Blast Master Moze (splash Dmg, weapon Dmg, mag size, elemental Dmg, etc.; no reload speed or cooldown rate) OR with good affixes for Gamma Fl4k (Rad Dmg, plus any other weapon DPS buffs including splash Dmg)

Cutpurse Deathless for Tediore-chucking Moze: mag size, grenade Dmg, weapon Dmg, health regen, elemental Dmg, etc)

Elemental-Stone Commander Planetoid (not cryo stone or Fire stone): melee Dmg, cooldown, reload speed, mag size, elemental Dmg, etc.

Elemental Projector Victory Rush -
I’d take one of these for Gamma Burst Fl4k or for gun Amara, so in either case +Rad Dmg would be useful. For the other affixes - anything aiding weapon DPS. Splash damage and other elemental Dmg also OK.

Let me know if you have any of these available and what item(s) you’d like from me.

EDIT: some of my builds make heavy use of guns from specific manufacturers. So I’d also be OK with Maliwan Dmg bonuses for gun Amara, Tediore on the Deathless, Torgue for Blast Master Moze.

I have two cloning hunter seekers with different ASE anoints.

In general, I am open to getting artifacts with good affixes.

Any of the following:

Ice Breaker Victory Rush - Cooldown rate and/or Cryo Dmg, cryo efficiency, etc.)

Last Stand Victory Rush - with roughly any affixes except elemental resistant stats or FFYL move speed.

Elemental-Stone Commander Planetoid melee Dmg, cooldown, elemental Dmg, etc.

Elemental Projector Victory Rush - with roughly any affixes except elemental resistant stats or FFYL move speed.

Flesh Melter Victory Rush with corrosive stats

Whatever else you are considering really good artifacts.
GT = Tom dot66.

If you want both types of grenades just send 2 artifacts. thanks

I have an elemental projector victory rush.