LF some help, lost several artifacts 🤬

Welp, I was organizing gear, had 2nd account loaded into game via split screen. Removed artifacts and a few weapons from 2nd account’s gear bank and placed them onto a table for my primary account to pick-up. Finished what I needed to do with 2nd account, so I logged that player off. Stupid me, didn’t think about the high likelihood of blue screen. Sure enough, blue screen. Being that the 2nd account is local, and not PSN, I did not have a “cloud” save. My back-up, USB, save was not up-to-date with current gear items.

Asking for a favor here, I’m happy to return the favor with any items you’re looking for that I might have.

I’m missing: Last Stand Loaded Dice, Last Stand Deathless, Last Stand Otto Idol, Snowdrift Loaded Dice, Snowdrift Otto Idol, Last Stand Victory Rush, Snowdrift Deathless… probably more

I’m not worried about the weapons, I don’t remember what they were.

If you’re feeling charitable or kind or what ever, I’d appreciate the help. And again, I’m happy to trade with what ever you’re looking for.

My PSN is N8d0ggz


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I may have some of the artefacts not sure if they exactly fit but I can send you anyway (in 2h approx)

I’ll have a look, I think I have some of what you need and will send them asap. If you have a Redistributor with 100% Sntnl, or a Kybs Worth similar anoint that would be great but not a condition. Be about 30 min till I get a look through my mules.

I have had relics fall through the floor! It sucks!

FR Sent

I see the pattern , I’ll just send you whatever Last Stand and Snowdrift stuff I have lol.

Much appreciated. LMK what you’re looking for.

Have done, look up a couple of posts :smiley:

Thank you so much. I’ll take a look. I don’t think I have any SNTNL anoints as I haven’t played Zane yet. I have a few Amara, a few Flak and majority Moze. I’ll let you know tonight.

I had this happen once before. It was the first deathless I ever found and only one I found for several days of gameplay lol. Thankfully someone hooked me up with one at that time. Then I discovered my online save was prior to losing it and I was able to send it to a friend and re-load my latest save and have him send it back to me lol. Since then, I only drop loot onto tables. But still got bit by the blue screen. :man_facepalming: The struggle.

Any version would be a start and help me farm for the right anointment tbh, much appreciated.

Yeah I make sure I back up to USB every session now just to be on the safe side.

If you have an ion cannon corrosive x2 with splash annointment it is cool, if you don’t well it’s cool as well. Do you need others artefacts? I looked but there was only the one I sent you that matched your description

I have the ion cannon, LF any artifact with SMG and AOE. (Bonus if 40% mags too).

I didn’t think those worked with the laststand ability, awesome.
I have a deathless snowdrift and last stand victory rush I can give if you still need them. what else do you still need?

smg and aoe I have, I’ll send you some when I am back home

check your mail rear ender deathless smg dmg area dmg cooldown

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oups wrong message It was meant for Op sorry!

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That makes sense I was a little confused.

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:smiling_imp: awesome, thank you!!!