LF> Some moze/Fl4k items(have tons of legendaries..gonna list all of them lol)

I am looking for The following items

  1. Annointed Annexed fire lyuda(18-22 clip) with ASE 100% more dmg or 125% dmg to bosses/50% extra dmg next 2 mags
  2. Molten vicious lyuda(22 clip) Same annointments as above
  3. Stop gap shield lvl 50 annointed
  4. Annointed Night hawkin( 50% extra dmg next 2 mags)
  5. Annointed Maggie ( 50% extra dmg next 2 mags or ASE 100% extra dmg)
  6. Rowans Call shock shock( annointed 2 mags have mroe dmg 50%)
  7. Fire star Helix annointed( Any annointments)
  8. Victory rush artifcat with stats favored towards crit fl4k or rad fl4k
  9. Blood letter class mod( mag size, Weapon dmg, shield capacity)
  10. Deathless Artifact any prefix with (mag size, weapon dmg, shield capacity)

What i have (A)=Anointed

-(A) Roisens thorns( fade away is active gain incfrease accuracy)
-(A) Unforgiven( while fade away active in creased accuracy and handling)
-(A) Double penetrating devastator lvl 49(ASE gain 30% lifesteal)
-(A) Bangarang XL,cryo( While barrier active, accuracy increasd by 60% and crit dmg increased by 30%
-(A) Magnificient( enemies dmged by rakk attack take 100% increased dmg)
-(A) Shocking AAA( ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo dmg)
-(A) Thunderball fist( ASE next 2 mags will ahve 50% bonus radiation dmg)
-(A) Companion( enemies below 25% hp gain 50% increaed weapon dmg)
-(A) Crossroad,shock( ASE fire rate increased by 11% and reload by 26%)
-(A) Vanquisher( ASE weapon accuracy and handing increased)
-(A) Night hawking( ASE Meele dmg increased by 100%)
-(A) Cutsman,Fire( Grants extra charge of Rakk attack)
-(A) Jackhammer(ASE next 2 mags will have 0% additional bonus corrosive dmg)
-(A) Bitch(ASE deal 125% more weapon dmg to badass etc)
-(A) Shreddifier,Corrosive( ASE critical dmg increased by 25%)
-(A)Dammed AR( ASE deal 125% more weapon dmg to badass etc)
-(A)Try Bolt(AC- gain 30% lifesteal,shock)
-(A) Try bolt( Consecutive hits increased weapon dmg by 1%)
-(A) Double penetrating pent up alcemist fire,( ASE projectile speed increased by 100%)
-(A) HAwt pain fire,( after exit iron beat next 3 mags have 33% increased reload speed and 67 increased handling)
-(A) Rad polybius(ASE next 2 mags have 50% additional bonus incindiary dmg)
-(A) Rad polybius( enemies dmg by rakk attack take 100% increaed dmg)
-(A) Fire polybius lvl 49( ASE deal 125% more weapon dmg to badass etc)
-(A) Face puncher(ASE deal 125% more weapon dmg to badass etc)
-(A) The lob(ASE splash dmg increased by 125% for short time
-(A) Hellwalker(ASE weapon status efect dmg and chance are increased by 75%)
-(A) Malak Bane(ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus incendiary dmg)
-(A) Brawler ward shield,shock( ASE gain 50% bonus radiation dmg with weapons
-(A) Brawler ward shield,rad( ASE gain 50% bonus rad dmg with weapons)
-(A) Surge grenade rad(ASE gain 50% bonus shock dmg)
PLenty of good legendaries with no annointments request below and ill see if i have it

Class mods
-Phasezerker(25% dahl weapon reload speed, 20% incendiary resistance, 10% dahl weapon dmg)

  • Amara Elementalist( 18% weapon crit dmg, 25% atlas weapon reload speed, 27% grenade radius
  • Solitary Breaker mod( 1666% shield capacity, +149 health regen, -18% dmg reduc)
    -Tangled Elemtntalist( 28% splash dmg, 31% heavey weapon dmg, 10% cov weapon dmg)
  • Fragmented dragon( 15% vladoff weapon fire rate, -19% shield recharge delay, 54% weapon charge speed)
  • Phaserker( 24% weapon mag size, 149 health regen, 54% weapon charge speed)
  • Maelstorm nimbus(25% tediore weapon relaod speed, 50% vladoff weapon acccuracy, 24% weapon mag size)


  • Zane techsper mod( 20% cryo res, 27% genade radius, 1666 shield cap
    -Executor( 50% jakop weapon acc, 50% maliwan weapon accuracy, 10% torge weapon dmg)
  • Shockerator( 50% tediore weapon acc, +5 grenade capacity, +25 jakops weapon reload speed)
  • Cold warrior( +20% cryo resistance, +1487 max health, +10% jakops weapon dmg)

-moze blast master( 25% atleast weapon reload speed,5 grenade capctiy, 24% weapon mag size
-Rocketeer( +18% weapon crit dmg, +20% corrosive reistance, +15% vladoff weapon fire rate)

-Dead eye class mod( 36% shield recharge rate, 25% vladoff weapon reload speed,25% tediore weapon reload speed)

  • Red fang( 149 health, +1666 shield cap, +50% maliwan weapon acc)
    -Rakk commander( 32% weapon acc, +50% dalh weapon acc, +15% tediore weapon fire rate)
    -Prideful red fang( +33% weapon handling, +31% pistol dmg, +54% weapon charge speed,
    -Prideful red fang( +50% jakop accuracy, +31% pistol dmg, +45% dahl weapon crit dmg)
    -Cosmic stalker( +13% weapon fire rate, +1487 max hp, +32% weapon acc)
  • Bounty hunter( +33% weapon handling, +50% jakops weapon acc, +55% torgue weapon projectile speed)
  • Bounty hunter( +25% jakop weapon relad speed, +45% jakops crit dmg, +10% torgue weapon dmg)

-Electric slide otto idol( 21% action cooldown rate, 29% radiation resistance, +27% cryo efficiency)
-Cutpurse White elephant( +17% shotgun dmg, +16^ incendiary dmg, +29% cryo resistance)

  • Cryo stone white elephnat( +29% rad resistance, +33% area of aeffect dmg, +14% weapon reload speed)
  • Cutpurse loaded dice(+29% corrosive resistance, +26% weapoon accuracy, +16% cryo dmg)
  • Counterizing Deathless( +8% movements pseed, +14$ wepon reload speed, +40% mag size)
    -elemental projector safeguard(+15% Corrisve dmg, +29% shock resistance, +33% area of effect dmg)
  • Last stand loaded dice( +14% weapon reload speed, +30% shield recharge rate, +26% weapon acc)
    -Snowdrift static charge( +25% weapon accuracy, +29% corrisve resistance, +33% area of effeect dmg)
  • snowdrift otto idol( +29% rad resistance, +27% cryo efficiency, +26% weapon acc)
    -loot expanding victory rush( +1666 max health, +16^ shock dmg, +27% ignite chance)
    -Last stand white elephant( +12.67 luck, +40% mag size, -30% shield recharge delay)

This was messy but yea…See anyhting you like and have an item i might want request below