LF Some of these Items!

I’m for these items and if anyone has them, my PSN is my name here.



  • Fire Stone Commander Planetoid Artifact
  • Any anointed SMG or shotgun that has phaseslam damage or does damage against bosses, anointed enemies and etc thats for Amara
  • Phasezerker mods with brawler AND fist of the elements


  • cutsman maliwan smg that’s either electric/cryo/or radiation and a devils foursum that’s either fire/cryo/radiation (anointed damage for Fl4k or just in general)
  • Feral Prideful Red Fang Legendary Fl4k mod

PSN: epanouia

Have a few Phasezerkers, and a few spare cutsmans not 100% sure on element, do you have a face puncher spare at all?

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I have an anointed one I believe! I’ll have to check later, but I do have one for sure @Quiixotiic Could you post pictures of the phasezerkers you have?

this is the only one i have left :frowning: must of given rest away will look out for more!

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