LF some OP10 items

So my buddy helped me get one of my gunzerkers to OP10, and gave me a bunch of gear, but I’m still missing some much needed stuff. I’m looking for norfleets (preferably puissant, but I’m not gonna be picky about them as I know they’re a bitch to get), flying sandhawks (incendiary/shock/corrosive), practicable CCs (incendiary/corrosive), practicable interfacers (incendiary/corrosive/shock), and a rustlers orphan maker with a jakobs grip (kind of hard to be deputy Sal without his man weapon). My online id is iX_Grimm. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I only got an Op10 Fire Norfleet (with Punitory prefix) if you like.


That’d be better than not having one.

I have all of this except ROM. Do you have lvl 50 FotF with Krieg’s perfect parts?


Would you mind trading with me any (prefix) Op10 Norfleets with mag size 5. What a pity that I do not have the lv 50 FOFT you are looking for. Is there any other items you want in return? Thank you in advance. Psn: orange_teacher.

Besides FotF I’m looking for a lvl 50 Fire Fastball with decent stats.

Not presently, but I have no problem going into TVHM, and farming for them. I reset my UVHM after I got to OP10, and ran through the pirate dlc immediately, so I’m currently farming for a ROM myself. It’d be awesome if you’re still willing to drop that stuff for me though, but if not I understand.

What are perfect parts for the FoTF by the way? I know Krieg probably wants higher nova damage, and longer delay.

Okay so Boll was nice enough to drop a level 50 fire fastball when I killed him for the mission, so I have that now.

To be honest, most of the gears with good stats I have are lv72 or lv80 :frowning:

Hey OT, I can give you the norfleets you’re looking for when I drop the Monk CM’s :grinning:

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Wow, it does look like you got EVERYTHING in the game. Deep thank!

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Sure, just contact me on PSN: GrzesPL. I should be online in around 1,5h.

Well, best parts for Krieg is Maliwan, Maliwan, Hyperion. It has biggest Nova dmg and isn’t immune for fire. My best farming the quest was Hyperion, Hyperion, Maliwan but can’t use it due to fire resistance.

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Awesome. I’ll send you a friend request, and keep farming for the FoTFH.

I got my ROM, and it is absolutely perfect…