LF Some OP8 Weapons!

Looking For The Following OP8 Weapons, Have Mostly Everything Else For Trade. If You Have Any Of These Available You Can Go Ahead & Add Me On PSN, My Username Is Waxstax, Much Thanks!!

Looking For The Following Weapons:

practicable butcher(slag,shock,fire)
practicable interfacer(slag,shock)
practable slow hand(corrosive,fire,shock)
gentlemen’s pimpernel(corrosive,fire,slag)
consummate bad touch(corrosive)
puissant norfleet (slag,fire)
razrez lyudmila (slag,shock,fire,corrosive)
the bitch (slag,shock,fire,corrosive)
baby maker (slag,shock,fire,corrosive)
tattler (slag,shock,fire,corrosive)

Hey Justin I’m only level 72 and have nothing to trade but do you have a grog preferable with blade that you could help me with?