LF some Siren stuff

looking for Anointed brawler shield with 300% melee
also an Unleash the dragon artifact
some slam+200% melee weapons
Anointed shock PC/PS or +125%ASE
have a good amount to trade, lmk what you want/need

I’ve got an unleash the dragon artifact willing to trade for a phaserker mod if you’ve got it been trying to get one for a long time lol

100% up for that. what time you usually on?

I’m on now if you still want it

When you’re on send me your GT and I’ll mail it

im on now, iVizardd is my gt
just give me like 10 minutes, finishing up a story mission with my buddy and i need to run back to sanctuary real quick

I’ll send it in your mail then you’ll have it there anyway

i just dont have the mod on me, its in my bank. this your gt as well?

Don’t worry about the mod buddy got one last night

It says I’ve sent too much want me to jump in your game and and drop it there for you

LOL thats a thing?? but yeah man thats totally fine by me, definitely appreciate it

I sent you an invite there if you wanna come to my game I can’t join yours right now for some reason

still running through necro, were you able to accept that inv?

Yes bud in now

thank you! hero without a cape

Lol no worries mate enjoy that is a badass artifact melts everything