LF>Some weps i have much to offer

Specifics weps i seek are

Trevonator with shock as primary in SNTL cryo idc about secondary(will take any annointment though)
Sandhawks full auto U-Rad every element
300V90 Unforgiven
x18 U rad tiggs booms all element
Nukem 300v90
Bullet buffet Stop gaps. Mainly need ASE incindary
Monarch U-rad X8 in all elements

I have a crap ton to offer in return including new DLC weps and gears

I have 300/90 unforgiven 432%crit for you.

niceee what would you like!? we have each otehr added already

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I’m looking for incendiary boogeyman urad or N2M. I will send the pistol anyway😉

Hey i dont have things you want. But i have other many stuffs. So maybe we can work out?
Do you have any elemetal of plaguebearer and recusion with 200% while AS is acive?


Did you receive the unforgiven?

Yes bro thanks a lot and I do have the boogeyman

Incendiary urad?

yep. Ill send to you soon

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I got a binary fire/shock trevanator with Incendiary N2M, SNTL cryo is borked and cancels out upon switching weapons, i think its a better alternative for now.

Whats the primary mode on that trevanator? the annoint doesent bother me im ok

Fire, but if you really, really need shock as a primary, ill keep searching for it

i can take the fire But if you find a shock 1 bro hit me up!!! lol really seeking it

You got any good rolled spy coms or a CH bogeyman?

yeai got both ill hook you up. What element you need on the bogeyman? and itll take a while but youll see it in your mail eventually

Preferably Rad or cryo

Will send you a screen shot,primary shock / alt cryo

you got one bud?