LF Some Zane things

Since the recent level increase if anyone has any spare level 50
SNTNL 100 cryo anointed redistributor’s
transformer with movement speed
ice breaker victory rush artifact
your not using i’ll take um off your hand’s. I know these are popular and going to farm for some but i’m trying to help my dad get his zane ready when he hit’s 50. I am willing to trade for sure if i can help so please ask if your hunting anything. TY
GT: yipikiya

I think I still have my lvl 50 load out. Gt is Ye olde wolf.

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That would be awesome! Added you. You hunting anything in return?

Anointed Lvl 53 bekah’s, double downer shield’s and stagecoaches. If you ever come across shoot me a msg

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Sorry bud my gt is Ye olde wolf. Olde not old

Gotcha, fixed.

Any specific anoint’s?

I will take whatever for the DD. Bekah and stagecoaches I will take whatever but prefer gamma or sntl anoint. Or 100 ase or 2 mag on ase.

Ok im making a note for it. Havent done the dlc but once so i can send the shield for sure when i get one on the next run.

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I have a 50 Warlord with 100 SNTNL Cryo.

Would you have any interest in trading for it? I’d take almost anything 53 with a good anoint.

I’m also on the hunt for corrosive conference call with 100 ase or 125 to bosses

I’ll take a look tomorrow. Won’t be in till then,I do have some but not sure the anoint.

I’ll take a look tomorrow. Don’t really need it but I do have some 53 items but what anoint you hunting?

Open to lots of different offers. Basically any decent legendary with one of the good anointments:

Moze 125s for a splash build, Zane 100 Cryo or 130 Digiclone swap, GB 115, Phasecast 250.

I’m also on the hunt for Tediore Homing MIRV shotguns with ASE 160 splash, 125 badass, or 100 Dmg.

Sent you a bunch of stuff. I don’t have a spare ice breaker at the moment and the only transformer I have with sntl speed is 53. But I sent you a couple of other options

Man that will get it started. I sure do appreciate this. I have a note on what to look for you but haven’t been able to get on today.

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Actually have a good amount of digi clone stuff but can’t remember what they are. I’ll get back to you.

No prob bud