Lf someone to power level from 54 to 72

I’m about half way through the story in uvhm as sal not used to his playstyle at all trying to get to the level cap so I can use better gear from my other characters can anyone help?

I can I’m an OP8 Zer0.

My ID is Phate4569, we can try to coordinate something.

Usually I am on for an hour after work EST, and around 7:30am - 10am on weekends.

Ok I’m same time zone as you I work until 4 pm every week day so I’m home about 5


Ok. We can shoot for tomorrow for a bit.

Ok let me know when I’ll only really have today and tomorrow maybe Thursday to play before I leave town

We can shoot for 5pm EST. I usually play for a bit till my wife gets home, Maybe 30 minutes to an hour per day.

Man sorry I must have missed you yesterday let me know about today I’ll be on as soon as I get home today

I won’t be able to today, I have some errands to run before my wife gets home. She’s dragged me into Pokemon Go…

Not trying to hijack the thread but I’m looking for the same exact thing. 54 to 72. I can be on anytime today, tonight, tomorrow.