LF someone who isnt using their current gamma burst anointed legendaries

I just recently got my Fl4k to 50 and am using the gamma burst tree so I need some good gear for him but I dont get to play a whole lot because of work and my family (mostly taking care of the baby lol) so farming is basically a pointless effort sadly I just want to enjoy the game to the max but cant cause I dont have the time to grind

I can send you a few things.

PSN: Chap_Hammersmith

You sir are a legend among men I’ll add you in just a few moments

Sent them, not all gamma burst weapons but they should all synergize quite nicely.


Thanks a ton I love this community so much you guys and gals never cease to amaze me

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You’re welcome mate. It’s how a community should be :+1:

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If there’s anything you need in the future just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do

Thanks, appreciate it!


PSN: Adam Jaz

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Absolutely I’ll add you here in a moment

You send friend request? I have some friends looking for Gamma Burst gear but you have 1st dibs on the weapon above.

I actually couldn’t find you add novalord6214 and just mail it to me if you dont mind