LF something to stay alive at M6 (what a loser, I know)

Hi there,

I’ll go straight to the point. I’m playing Zane and having some problems. The first one is: I don’t own the dlcs yet. So no Seeing Dead, Pearl or other cool stuff.
Second: my only decent gun is a OPQ Mayhem 5. I haven’t find anything else that actually makes decent damage. No much luck in farming and was kinda put down by the console times.

Any help would be much appreciated. Maybe a monarch, a Kaoson, an anything, really. Could be any mayhem past 5. Or if you feel like, some suggestion. I’ll take any insult in the process. :wink:

PSN name: TheGreatGiano

Hey buddy I have plenty of m10 stuff I can send, do you have any good red fangs? thanks

Hi mate! Much appreciated! I’m also playing a FL4F right now, so I can easily find them and send them to you.

Right on I’ve just been using a level 53 one if you have a new one with good damage perks and preferably a point in he bites, i would much appreciate it!

My FL4K is at 57. I find many of those, but I’ll look for more