LF Specific Annointed Zane Gear; Have Plenty To Trade

What I need specifically right now are:

Cryo Lucians Call, annointed with 50% dmg while SNTNL is active or Accuracy/Crit increased while Barrier is active.

1 or 2 backup good non-AR cryo weapons (Crossroad, Butcher, King/Queen’s Call, Cutsman, Lyuda, etc.) with either of those same annointments.

1 or 2 non-cryo weapons with the same criteria, except including weapons that can’t be cryo.

A good shield (preferably Transformer) with a decent Zane or non-specific annointment.

An Ice Breaker artifact (not Deathless) with some combo involving cryo damage, cryo efficiency, and/or or general decent stats (weapon damage, AS cooldown, crit damage, etc.)

Got plenty of gear to trade.