LF specific anointment on grenades

I need a powerful level 50 grenade with the anointed modifier “On Action skill start regen 1 grenade”
My name on Epic is Everwitch
I have:

“powerful” means what?
what grenades are you looking for?

It means I’m looking for a strong grenade that deals a lot of damage, and is either purple or legendary.

“strong” is based on build… no grenade is just… “strong”
what are you looking for IN a grenade?

I found a Fl4k build online that revolves around using grenades for most of your damage. It uses a grenade with the anointed modifier I’m looking for. What I would want in a grenade is to be efficient in killing enemies, so something with high damage and a decent area of effect. I’m really just testing the build out, so I don’t need a perfect grenade, just anything decently useful with that anointment. If I end up really liking the build I might start looking for something specific to min-max.

At this point I don’t care about elements or anything, I’m just going to try the build and see if I like it.

Do you have anything like that?

I do have grenades with that anointment, but you are giving me nothing to go on. You dont care about element. You want high damage… sure.
“decent aoe” and high damage together are VERY hard to come by.

I have some VERY high damage (fastball).
Some relativly high damage and decent aoe, but hard to use (red queen).

I’m not gonna hand over a stormfront/quasar to someone not specifically asking for it…

I am more just trying to figure out what you are trying to ask for.
I get your build needs that anointment, but you said “Looking for specific anointed grenades”, yet it should read “looking for specific anointment ON grenades” because you are NOT looking for specific grenades in your post.

Sorry if I’m not being clear. A stormfront or quasar would be really awesome, but I would understand if you didn’t want to give it to someone who’s just testing their build. The fastball would be pretty good too. What would you like in return?

I can just toss you a fastball
Add me

Thank you very much, I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile: