LF specific arms race items

I’m looking for these in ase splash:
(Also flipper and lightshow)

I’m looking for these in ase100 (not n2m):
Dark army
(Also smog flipper lightshow)

I need madcap and beskar in IB75 anoint (also any old gods).

Lemme know what you need for these specifically.

Thanks for readinz!

I have the beskar with IB75 that I’llsend over. I just sent you a friend request.

i’m looking for Spy with good mods on it, mag size, dmg, action cooldown or dmg


Tizzy (fire) ASE 100%
Dark Army (rad) when exit IB 160% splash
Plasma Coil ASE 100%
Plasma Coil ASE 200% splash
Thug Exit IB 160% splash
Thug ASE 200% splash
Thug ASE 100% dmg
Light Show ASE 100% X2

Will send you some items you lf😉

Thanks homie :metal:

Add me on PSN so we can talk easier there