LF specific epic moze class mods

Ok I know this is a long shot but there’s 3 types of com’s for moze I’m looking with the prefixes commander, firewalker and shield maiden. Any of these with smg damage, weapon damage, maliwan weapon damage, splash damage or magazine size I would be very interested in. Again I know it’s a long shot as no one really looks at purple com’s but worth a try I guess.

I’ve got a Streamlined Batty Commander

+3 Deadlines
+2 Vampyr
+18% Weapon Critical Damage
+25% Torgue Reload Speed

Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t have the rolls I’m after sadly :tired_face:


Bump :tired_face:

They dont spawn that often in the wild, but you could vendor farm them…?

Yeah I have spent a few hours running around from vendor to vendor my favorite moze is the bane of my existence atm

Will keep these in mind; probably end up with a few through this event - reliance is a good spot… 3 vendors and a red chest 20ft from the spawn

Yeah the red chests are all full of golds now LMAO I can’t win thanks for the tip though appreciate it