LF specific legendaries

Im looking for a shock SNTL beacon x2. idc what the secondary element is

Im looking for x8 monarchs in SNTL, 200 ASA, CH,150/50


Also looking for boom sickles lvl 60 with 150/50 and 200ASA

ANd a super big one im still looking for is al vl 60 REFLUX with CH x14

I have sntnl monarchs on me, do you have a list of FL4K class mods?

I have every f4lk class mod. Solid rolls whatcha looking for specifically

I’ve got x8 monarchs with consecutive hits in corrosive, shock, and incendiary, and a x14 CH reflux.

Have you got any ASE elemental wedding invitations (not shock)/well anointed X2 beacons, clairvoyance mashers, 4+ iron bank sappers, consecutive hits light shows in shock/incendiary, or x16+ robins calls?

I have the beacon you want and some CH monarch. Add me: paco97214

Im looking for jakobs related rolls, but if i could get a list of what you have avaliable, that would be nice; I’m also searching for a R4KK P4K.

I have CH light shows, I think I have a 4+ iron bank sapper I’ll see what I got and I also have CH X2 beacon

Ok cool I’ll add you

I’m positive I have every f4lk class mod, a couple good rolls as well on each. Is it bounty hunter, cosmic stalkers, dead eyes, stackbots you seek?

Cool, my psn is lukman4068, drop a friend request and leave a note with what you’re after - I’ll mail you the monarchs and reflux later tonight

I started a FL4K playthrough this week, so i don’t have any COMs ready for the level cap, It would help to get one of each; I’d prioritize the ones with jakobs passives, mag size, or weapon damage.

I’ll dm you pics of ones I got tell me if you like them

I have a few L60 M10 50/150 boomsickles. Looking for specifically the following L60 M10 guns with either 50/150 rad or sntl cryo 100:

Kings Call
Queens Call
Good Juju
Masterwork Crossbow
Clarvoyance (Masher)
The Garcia
Juliets Dazzel
Creeping Death

Damn i aint got none of those lol. like legit not 1 item lmao. Any other shields,weps, class mods, artificats


all in 200 splash.

9 Volt
Tankmans shield
Slow Hand