LF specific Phasezerkers

Looking for phasezerkers with mag size, grenade damage, and splash damage.

I’m not sure if splash damage is possible on a phasezerker. I know splash damage radius is, but I have yet to see one with splash damage.

So, let me know if you have any zerkers with:

Mag size, grenade damage, splash damage
Mag size, grenade damage, shotgun/weapon damage.

I have loads of stuff to trade, mainly for Amaras.

Splash damage/Mag Size on the Phasezerker doesn’t exist. Its possible on the spirituell driver mod tho.

i have +5 Anima / 31% Shotgun Dmg / 30% Grenade Dmg/ 31% Action skill cooldown
also i have Spirituell driver 30% Grenade dmg/24% Mag size/28% Splash damage