LF specific stuff

Hey guys how are you doing?
Im looking for specific items and hope you guys can help me with it.

LF all lvl 60 :
Light shows con hit ( got all already but looking for higher dmg ones )
Light shows 200 asa radiation
Light shows n2m 125 fire. Radiation , shock , corrosive (Moze)
Kaoson con hit rad , 50/150 or 200 asa (Already got a couple )
Root n2m 125 fire (moze)
Root 200 asa
Flippers n2m 125 fire (moze)
Bangstick X18 200 splash or n2m 125 fire
Miscreant n2m 125 fire (moze)
Miscreant 200 splash or n2m
Red suit
A good front loader shield (please show )
Blast master class mod for moze Looking for grolls
Red fang for flak looking for grolls
Lightspeed grenade prefer with element and with anointment element ase
Backburners con hit
Monarchs x8 con hit

I have tons of stuff for every character relics class mods weapons shield you name it. If you have any of the items I mentioned above let me know or show me. If I don’t have it or it’s better I will sending a couple items in return (items of your choice ofcourse)

Happy hunting


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I have a blaster master with smg pistol and melee damage. Let me know if that works.

More looking like a splash damage , weapon damage and mag size or weapon crit dmg .

I have : light show 200asa cryo,lightspeed 50% incendiary ase,red suit with 30% damage returned ase,x9 radiation bangstick 200% splash ase,red fang with weapon damage,atlas crit and pistol damage, also have corrosive x7 sandhawk exit iron bear next two 125% incendiary and incendiary x7 sandhawk while auto bear 130% incendiary both auto,lemme know if any of those are good for you :grin: oh and seventh sense cant be annoited

What is the base damage of that asa 200 cryo light show ? Might be interested in that :slight_smile: , that lighspeed 50 fire ase And the the sandhawk x7 with n2m 125 fire I would like , bangstick I’m looking for a x18 one :+1: Oh and I might be interested in that red suit can you show a picture ? Nice find what are you looking for atm ?

The base damage of the cryo light show is 82k x4.

I got a better light show mine deals 9808x4 and I have the exact same shield only mine has 50% corr ase :see_no_evil: so I’ll stick with the grenade and sandhawk first :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got any groll bounty hunters? Recursion x2 with good annoitments? Any good 100% cryo sntl gear. Any good bloodletters?

Any of these you like ? My blood letters not the best haven’t really farmed for them yet. And what cryo sntnl weapons you looking for got a lot :see_no_evil::rofl:

I’ll take that bounty hunter at the top and either one of the recursions please bro, thanks for taking the time to upload those pics :grin::+1:

Will send them your way in a couple minutes :+1:

Cool bro grabbing your two bits now :yum::+1:

Items are send :+1:

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I have light speeds with different elements. I’m looking for flipper ch I only have a cryo corrosive one. Looking for shock and another element.

Can you show the lightspeeds you have ?

I have a lv 60 mayhem 10 lightspeed with corrosive ase. Do you have any snowdrift victory rush artifacts or any seein deads with action skill damage and weapon damage?

Nice find does that lightspeed also have a elemental damage itself or only on the anointment ? And yeah I got both items you want :+1:

Unfortunately it is a kinetic but what passives does the artifact have?

I’m not behind my Xbox atm but I believe it was move speed , mag size and area of effect dmg

But I have different ones I’ll check tomorrow not home atm.