LF Spiritual Driver Class Mod and Anointed Lucians

Looking for new driver mod and a fire lucians call with ASE 100% damage anointment, I dont have any new gear but I have tons of god roll class mods and siren, zane, and Fl4k anointed gear, just post what youre looking for and Ill see what I have.

Have the driver com, maybe a.s.e Lucian fire. Can’t remember. Need a Duc with terror extra projectile.

Ill check but Im pretty sure I dont have it, didnt keep a lot of terror stuff

I have the Lucian ASE 100% Fire and cryo I would love a god roll Zane mod with weapon dam, firerate and crit

GT - xCaliburxxx

I have a executor mod with those stats my GT is Super Kami Nero