LF Spiritual Driver class mod!

Hi guys!

Looking for a good Spiritual Driver call mod with action skill cooldown and weapon damage / movement speed if possible!

I will trade anything for this !!

Thanks alot guys!
PSN : jotheking

Anyone have one for trade ? I really want to try my new build .


Have 3 with 3 points in Mindfullness but only with weapon damage bonus

its ok! I need one badly :stuck_out_tongue:

Well looking for some Zane Stuff

Redristributor (corrosive/fire) 50% cryo while sntnl

And same goes for Cutsman

I have redistridutors with cryo stnl

What’s you PSN ?


Will send it out keep the Redristributor all good mate

thanks buddy!!

Any chance you still have 1 driver mod

Yeah I still have one

Anyway I may acquire it…maybe you need some legendaries?

Only looking for a Rowans Call with 100% cryo while sntnl is active

Soz ain’t got one but if I do I’ll get back to ya :+1:t2:

What is your psn please?


I hope that works for you