LF - Spiritual Driver plus other Amara gear

I’m trying out Amara. I’m going with the Spiritual Drive build. I’m looking for the following…

Spiritual Driver +3 Mindfulness (+wep dmg, +SMG dmg, +movement speed or cooldown)

Anointed Binary Mocking Cutsman (100% ASE) x 3

*Anointed Redistributer (100% ASE)

*Anointed Projectile Recursion (100% ASE)

Elemental Projector Otto Idol (+movement speed, +mag size, +SMG dmg)

I have tons of trades for Fl4k. New and old gear. :slight_smile:

I have a few of these (Cutsmen), all the others but not exactly to your specs (e.g. +3 Mindfulness Driver). Off to sleep right now but will check in the morning.

I’m LF: Transformers with good generic anointments (i.e., not tied to particular VHs)

Have fun with Amara! I used her to get the plat trophy so lots of time with her.

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Are you going to be using phasecast?

No. Phasegrasp

Ok, I have 250% dmg ase cutsmans but unfortunately they’re phasecast. Sorry to trouble you


I have the 2 guns and also the EP & SD but the 3rd perk on the EP is melt and
the 3rd perk on the SD is health regen.

Do you have a Bekah anointed with Cryo whilst SNTL is active or a Maggie
526x6 damage with 50% fire on ASE?

Dont have either. Sorry.

@kfloydalexander – any word on whether you have any anointed Transformers? Long shot I guess. About to go on. Can send kinda close things (non-exact anointments) to get you started.

No worries, the search continues!

I have one with 50% shock but I’m using it.

Dang! Lucky dog.

Hey @CDR_Shepard, I have those anointed transformers, do you have the Bekah
or Maggie I mentioned?

I have one anointed Bekah, forget which but know it’s not for Cryo with SNTL. Think it’s for extra shots on ASE or similar.

No worries, thanks anyhoo

Bump. Still looking…

I have a fire ASE amara binary cuts man. You would’nt happen to have a banjo relic would you?

LF lvl1 Brawler ward 200% melee damage after phaseslam or Knife Drain white elephant with melee and magazine size

I have your needs.

Got all the cutsmans in 100% dmg after ASE if you’re interested