LF Spiritual Driver with +3 Mindfulness

got fire/shock/corrosive cutsman with ASE if you need…

I have spiritual driver 3 minfullmess I ll trade for corrosive cutsman 100 ASE. Psn Gimn123. If u need anything else I m interested in the other 2 cutsman as well

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do u have Projectile Recursion with dmg ase?

I have x2 projectile recursion with 125 damage bosses badasses ase

just sent u a fr

Added u. Sorry I was online but afk. I load the game and I m in for trade

We can trade recursion and class mod for shock and corrosive cutsman ok?

hello, I’m really interested by your rowan shock with ase, I got some cutsman and others stuff if you want, I add you later

I already traded for cutsman. U have cutpurse loaded dice with health regen or bloodletter class mod without thin red line and health regen

nope sorry