LF Spirtual Drive Groll and Seein Dead GRoll

Let me know if anyone can help me out. And see if I have what you are looking for. Been starting to farm Breech Takedown so if you want anything from there I’m sure I can help soon. Otherwise let me know.

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I have a spiritual driver with 33% splash damage, 28% weapon damage and 59%, melee damage any good?

That’s better than what I have. I saw you looking for backburners I have one with corrosive and splash anoint ASE.

Deal sounds good to me :+1: I’ll jump on in a little while to send it over

Sent buddy

Sent thanks

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Got a GRoll Seein Dead but 57. Any interest?

I’m looking for M10 Plaguebearers - Cryo or Rad with ASE 200 Splash, CH 1%, or ASE Next 2 cryo or rad. You have anything like that?

I have a rad one I need to check anoint. Don’t think it’s anything that good. If you are interested. Looking for a 60 but what does your 57 have. I might take that for now