LF Sprint Rough Rider with SNTNL Movement Speed

I don’t know if this exists, but, I’m looking for a Zane SNTNL mvmt speed Sprint Rough Rider. I have Zane and Moze Coms, SNTNL Cryo weapons, and all the Moze gear anyone would ever want.

Not sure what the sprint prefix is but rough riders can’t roll double only combos and I think Melee is always one of the two.

You can roll it with speed and melee and it’s called a featherweight rough rider. I’ve got another rolled with reload speed and melee, but I forget what it’s called.

Double vagabond, double fleet, or a combo of the two doesn’t exist though.

SNTNL movement speed is a Zane anointment.

So any rough rider that has the speed perk while depleted, and Zane/Operative anointment of gain increased mvmt speed while SNTNL is active.

Combo of these 2 shields. The Sprint Rough Rider, plus the anointment of the 2nd shield.

If I could just smash these 2 together for you it would be great.

Sprint RR with Digi Clone 3%
RR with Sntnl 15%

I’ll keep an eye out for the nuts one.

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