LF spy class mod w/ splash/ action skill damage

I’m stuck on an old seein dead. Also looking for a hustler w crit/damage stats. Lemme know if you/how I can help!

Thanks for readin!

I have a hustler w weapon damage, splash damage and crit damage?

Woot! What do you want for it

Im after 150/50 tizzys and boogeyman if you have any?

Dont have boogeymans yet. But I can get you tizzys

Alright cool, any element will do for now. Will send over the class mod now

Interested for this COM mate, got a rad boogeyman but N2M fire only. Anything else you looking for?

Yea no worries mate. Got any good spy coms? Ah after a lvl 65 blastmaster also

I will send you a spy with splash damage and mag size :wink:

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Sounds good! Will mail you the class mod within the hour

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Sent :+1:t5:

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Likewise :call_me_hand:

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Yo, I have a 50/150 tizzy in fire if you wanna trade for that godly spy com?


I’m interested for your tizzy. Will send you the COM

Cool. Has it got the point in ‘our man flynt’?

Nope, +5 in commitment

I have this one. Message me and we’ll sort it out

Interested in this one too for an other build. What do you want in exchange?

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sent. Only things I am looking for currently are ASE elemental piss grenades in fire, . But it’s not a deal breaker.

eta just been sent a corrosive one, thanks @kirkvisa :slight_smile: thanks to @seniorjoel95 for the rad And thanks to @engulfeddarkness for the cryo & shock

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