LF St4Ckbot Class Mod, few things to trade, take a look! Thanks!

Looking to trade

It’s Piss Grenade with /On Grenade Throw


Showboating Feral Red Fang

+31% Smg Damage
+31% Action Skill Cooldown Rate
+149 Health Regen

Looking for an upper level Stagecoach Shotgun x 25 with ASE /100%


A St4ckbot Class Mod

weapon damage/assault rifle/smg


Weapon damage/smg/weapon Crit Damage

As always, thanks for all the help everyone! Much appreciated! Have a great weekend Vault Hunters!

More stuff added below


A couple more items im on the hunt for

Incendiary Redistributor with ASE /100%

Q-System Atlas AR With ASE 125% Named Enemies

Thanks everyone!

More items up for trade

Do you have a stackbot with weapon damage / jackobs damage / jackobs crit. Cause I got one with weapon damage/pistol dmg/ jackobs crit. I also have a fire redistributor with 100% damage ase

only a Rakk Pakk I believe boss, any other combo of class mod or Weapons you might be after? Id be glad to take a look for ya

Few more items for trade