LF Stackbot COM with pistol and jakobs crit/damage

LF fl4k classmod with the perks said in the title.
Got many stuff to trade, just ask :wink:

The anoint that generates Terror? I have one with Front Loader. If you find one with a Grenade or Old God, let me know.

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Yeah this one. You have it on a front loader? If you don’t use it i’m interested. I’ll keep farming so once i drop a good one i give you a copy😉

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Sure just give me a few mins.

Thanks dude. No rush, i’ll be online in 4,5 hours

Nift, I added you. Just send me a reminder whenever you are on or something.

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Many thanks man. Anything else you’re looking for?

Practically the same you are looking for. Also, do you happen to have Ghast Call with divider and roid parts?

Drop a cloning ghast call yesterday. I don’t see the perks exactly, when i’m back home i send it to you

The grenade would look like this

5f8027c78e2420559e52667f_Ghast Call (BL3)

No, just a regular cloning i have drop. Some good friends sent me good terror stuff, i’ll send it to you.

Are you still looking for the grenade with terror ase? and is a purple one fine?

Thanks for that but it’s ok. Maybe you have a stackbot COM with pistol and jakobs crit/damage? Anything you are looking for?

no sorry, looking for globetrotter with an usable anoint for Zane (does not really matter which one)

Ah, i don’t have that weapon😔

I have a stop gap and a cloning hunter seeker with apply terror on ase. would like the cloning ghast call you have, and if you find a transformer shield with weapon damage and fire rate when terrified, would you send that too?

no problem, i’ll send you the ghast call. Got only a transformer with ammo regen when terrified btw. For now i’m looking a stackbot with pistol and jakobs damage

Thanks for the mail earlier. Stackbot with pistol/Jakobs crit/weapon crit in your inbox.

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Thanks for that too😉