LF Stagecoach 100% Damage ASE

Got FL4k gamma burst gear to trade amongst some other things. Can discuss this if anyone is willing to trade.

High pellet count would be preferable too.


Anything you’d be interested for that bad boy?

Looking for gamma burst gear, specifically an Incendiary Nemesis, Incendiary or Shock Kaos, or a red Fang with SMG and Wep Damage (third mod doesn’t matter).

I’m not using this stagecoach anyway so it’s all yours, was just a beast of a find lol.

Add my epic, KittyShoes17, and I’ll send her over in the morning

Added, I will see what I got

Sent that stagecoach. Enjoy and happy vault hunting, friend!

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Oh, my, god…
Becky, look at her butt.
It’s so big!!!

I must has it.
Name your price.

Hey sorry man, I sent her away to Fig already.

I think I have a x17 in my bank though

I have one…I can hook you up

Steam: WxndaBread