LF Stagecoach’s anointed preferably 21-25 pellet

LF anointed stagecoach’s, preferably gamma burst anoint as well as on ase 100% dmg as well as life steal, but not limited to these. I have a good selection of items available for trade.


Hey man, I have a x25 gamma burst and a x21 100% ASE. I’ll be on later today if you still need them.

That would be awesome man.

Did you still need the gamma burst cutsmans

Yeah, I don’t believe i have any of them

I will try to get them ready to send tomorrow at some point

I also got a bekah with 200% melee after phase slam(I think that’s what it was) today, if your interested in it.

Sounds good, I’ll send those two tonight possibly but might be morning. I’ll take the cutsman but don’t need the bekah…at least for now lol.

Sounds good, no rush.

Thanks for the shotties bud, I just sent a fire and a corrosive cutsman. I will try to get the shock to you tonight or tomorrow

Sent the shock one as well

Hey thanks man! Just got them, appreciate it.

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You interested in a 25 pellet stagecoach with 2 mags cryo on ase

Yes I am! What do you want for it?

any others besides the stagecoach

Nice pick ups! Most definitely, I’m interested in:
Double Downer - ASE corrosive
x25 stagecoach - ASE n2m cryo
Embers purge - n2m corrosive
Mulitvitamin Shield - ASE +20%
Headsplosion - +160 exit IB
Redundant Pherbert - gamma burst

You always get some good stuff man lol

Lol I’ve been farming like a madman before they take away the anointment drop buff. Ran through the dlc a few times in the last few days with splitscreeners trying to get that melter masher pistol with a good anoint but I’m hearing that it can’t be anointed. I’m gonna have a look through your list again and I will let you know.

Lol sounds good man, I need to farm a little harder before it goes away.

Just let me know, no rush.

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Sending over the gear. I will shoot a list your way tomorrow.