LF>Stagecoach x25

Desperate need of one

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That looks beautiful

What you want for it? I saw your looking for snt items for Zane? I’ve got a re router…carrier, zheitsev eruption, fire Rowan call

Add mightguyyo and message me on psn I lose track here

Alright cool

Hello. I sent you a FR last night for that Stagecoach

<_> well this is just great

Haha. No biggie. I can send it to you if I get it. :+1:

I’m all about sharing to get the best gear. It’s us vs. the game.

Yea drops like these are hard to come by

Add me. Anything else you looking for?

I have one X21 with fire on ASE. So much fun! X25 would just make it funner.

Is your name same as here

Wait I’m blind I didn’t see what you tagged

My bad. Yes. PSN: Sefiroh

Just mention in the message what you need. Lose track here. Lol

Sefiroh the gunslinger?

Yep. That’s me. Just me and my Maggie. Lol

Alright cool I added you and messaged

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