LF Stalker and Fearmonger Event weapons, have Cloning Ghast Call and Overflowing Scream of Terror for trade

Online now! Can trade one for the other if you only have one. Both would be very much appreciated!

I can trade both of those. Def want that cloning ghast call

My PSN is LM_MAGLC trying to seem as lM_MAGlC. Message me on PSN and ask me for whatever your looking for. I got so much that it will be too long to list.
I’ve got 90% of all weapons and gear that is all 300% slam for Amara. I’ve got Flakker, Lyuda, conference call, night hawkin, Roman’s call, Lucians call, Kings call, flood, 200% melee after slam face puncher, 200% melee after slam brawler ward etc etc etc

messaged you, psn is same as name, have both weapons your looking for. interested in cloning ghast call

*psn is StepBackLike77

Still Looking??

Still am looking!

Awesome! Are you online now? if so drop your psn, Ill send you a request! :3

Hi, my PSN is LM_MAGLC the name is made to look like lM_MAGlC

PSN lon_wolf917
Sorry, I missed the message.