LF>Star helix Cryo with SNT annoitnment please

In addition if anyone has a Fire lyuda with 100ASE or 125% to bosses with a 22 or 16 round clip i would love that.

If annexexd thats better.

Ill see if we cn make a trade

I’ll look for the Helix in my bank, not sure I have it.
But I’m 100% sure I got a Fire Lyuda 125% for bosses/uniques, 22 mag size. Not Annexed though. Only Fire Annexed one I got is a 250% Phasecast for Amara.

was their anything particular you were looking for?..or settle for?

Looking for low zoom Bekahs with 100%/Gamma but it’s like searching for a unicorn at that point xD

If you got some Rakk/100% Kyb’s, or Shock/Corro Dictators 100%/Rakk it would help, if not, dw I’ll gladly help with that Lyuda anyway. I know it’s a pain to drop. PSN: EzioILMentore

■■■■ only kybs worth i got are annointed operative with 70% crit dmg and 60^ accuracy while barrier active. Im sorry man

my psn is :deathshot1234 ill add you

Np ! :smiley:

sure thats your psn? says you dont exist lol

i appreciate it bro

Enjoy your Lyuda :slight_smile: have a nice day