LF Sticky Quasar

As if it shouldn’t be said for those that don’t know, needs to be Sticky Quasar: Homing attribute. I’ll edit my wares for tares latter, GT: INCVRSIO, if there is something you are looking for post below or shoot me a message.

trying to do the frozen loot tink glitch?

Oh yes

whats the frozen loot tink glitch?

lol googled it…just use a night flyer to shoot the backpack

But the point of the glitch is so that it wont try and move. I almost gave you an iq 3000 though for that comment. Waiting on some guy who listed that he needed a annointed corrosive hive…

I’m about to farm it and use the night flyer…got it on the 1st try thanks to the Rare Spawn week. And I’ll use the invincibility glitch while I’m there

I did it second try using a non sticky homing quasar on my brothers infinite grenade more build

Let me know if you get one, i have a vatiety of stuff

Night flyer doesn’t work for the midget lol…it’ll dig a portal and jump into it.

I got a homing quasar, its not a sticky though. You can have it if you want it…i got it from the loot midget as well as a Lyuda this morning

I already have homing quasars but the sticky quasy seems to be incredibly elusive. I have a shot ton of firestorms and others but i cant get this one to drop

I have a sticky quasar. Looking for either a last stand victory rush or elemental projector victory rush with weapon damage, or smg damage

I just have last stand safeguard and elemental safeguard, but if those interest you lmk GT INCVRSIO

i have last stand victory rush…but +33% area of effect damage , 1487 max health, 29% shock resistance…close but no smg or weapon dmg…let me know if interested…does your sticky have homing?

Everyone I found a lv 8 sticky quasar. Im dead

That would be better than a level 50 still launch the guy but not kill him